Descendants of Herman LEMMERMANN

I.1    Herman LEMMERMANN, merchant; 1880 grocer; 1910 night watchman, born 00.10.1843 in Kingdom of Hannover, Germany, died on 12.12.1913 in San Francisco, CA, emigration 1859 (1910: 1868).
Married 1876 to Eliza (Elizabeth) O'CONNOR, born 06.1849 in Canada, parents from NY and England, immigrated 1860.
From this marriage:


William Herman (see also II.1).

II.1    William Herman LEMMERMANN, solicitor, born on 16.10.1879 in CA, parents from Germany and Canada, died on 02.07.1952 in San Francisco, CA at the age of 72, son of
Herman LEMMERMANN (see also I.1) and Eliza (Elizabeth) O'CONNOR.
Married to Margaret Elizabeth BOYNE, born on 21.03.1882 in Massachusetts, 1910: born CA, died on 04.08.1953 in San Francisco, CA at the age of 71.
From this marriage:


Martha Veronica LEMMERMAN, born on 29.07.1902 in CA, died on 02.08.1995 in Oakhurst, Madera, CA at the age of 93, other source: Fresno, CA.


Carmel, born on 25.06.1906 in San Francisco, CA.
Married to Nn LEONARD.

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