Descendants of Herman LEMMERMANN

I.1    Herman LEMMERMANN, butcher, born 00.03.1865 in Ulm, Germany, died on 01.12.1923 in Kings, NY, emigration 1877 (or 1880/1885).
Married 1893 to Mary Joyce LATTA, born 10.1867 in Belfast/Northern Ireland, parents: England and Ireland, died in Brooklyn, NY, emigration 1885.
From this marriage:


Margaret, 1920: clerk, cigars, born 09.1894 in NY.


Clara, 1920: clerk, cigars, born 09.1896 in NY.


Edna, born 09.1896 in NY.


Harold (see also II.4).


Alice, born 1908 in NY.


Howard LEMMERMAN, 1942 truck driver, born on 17.02.1911 in NY, died on 16.06.1994 at the age of 83.

II.4    Harold LEMMERMANN, 1920: apprentice/machine; 1930: installer/telephone, born on 21.05.1902 in NY, parents from Germany and Northern Ireland, died 00.08.1973, son of
Herman LEMMERMANN (see also I.1) and Mary Joyce LATTA.
Married at the age of 27 on 05.10.1929 in Brooklyn, NY to Grace Isabel RODMAN, 22 years old, born on 06.12.1906 in Brooklynn, NY, died on 03.11.1983 in Brooklyn.
Kings, NY at the age of 76.
From this marriage:


Robert William (see also III.1).

III.1    Robert William LEMMERMANN, Methodist minister, born on 23.11.1930 in Brooklyn, NY, son of
Harold LEMMERMANN (see also II.4) and Grace Isabel RODMAN.
Married at the age of 28 on 31.08.1959 in Whittier, IA to Virginia Ellen WILLIAMS, 30 years old, born on 19.06.1929 in Springville/IA, died on 14.08.1998 in Mitchell, IA at the age of 69, traffic accident.
From this marriage:


Edward Andrew (see also IV.1).


Janet Ellen, born on 07.07.1964.

IV.1    Edward Andrew LEMMERMANN, born on 18.11.1962 in Brooklyn, NY, son of Robert William LEMMERMANN (see also III.1) and Virginia Ellen WILLIAMS.
Married to Jackie Lynn STENGEL, born on 28.01.1963.
From this marriage:


Alex James.


Thomas Edward.

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