Descendants of Friedrich LEMMERMANN

I.1    Friedrich (Fred) LEMMERMANN, boarding house (1880); 1870: sugar refinery, born 1846 in Bremen, died on 14.12.1902 in Manhattan, NY, emigration on the "Cimbria" Hamburg-NY 24.12.1867.
Married 1872 in Manhattan, NY to Anna THODEN, born 1846 in Prussia, died on 19.04.1916 in Manhattan, NY, immigration 1868.
From this marriage:


Henry Martin, born on 16.09.1873 in NY.
Married at the age of 37 on 29.10.1910 in Manhattan,NY to Clara NN.


Anna, born 1875 in NY.


Fred (see also II.4).

II.4    Fred LEMMERMANN, pipefette (?)1930:foreman oil works, born in NY, parents from Germany, son of
Friedrich (Fred) LEMMERMANN (see also I.1) and Anna THODEN.
Married to Jane LISK.
From this marriage:


Helen Anna, born on 03.04.1913 in Staten Island, NY, died on 08.04.1969 in Flushing at the age of 56.
Married at the age of 21 on 26.06.1934 in Richmond Hill, NY to Henry Fred NEWFIELD, 23 years old, born on 18.12.1910 in Jamaica, NY, died on 24.05.1975 in Flushing at the age of 64.

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