Descendants of Albert LEMMERMAN

I.1    Albert LEMMERMAN, 1900 cigarmaker; 1910 packer in cigar factory; 1878 cigarmaker, born on 08.06.1843 in Erichshof/Bremen, parents: see file Bremen, died on 09.10.1910 in Queens, NY at the age of 67. Voyage from Liverpool to NY Feb 9, 1882 on "City of Brussels"
Naturalization 21.10.1888 in NYC, witness Louis Meyer
1882 cigarmaker
Emigration 1874 (statement 1900).

Married (1) 1870, church marriage at the age of 27 on 29.08.1870 in Brinkum/Bremen to Anna Margaretha Elisabeth AHLERS, born on 08.07.1844 in Brinkum/Bremen, died on 09.02.1878 in Erichshof/Bremen at the age of 33.
Married (2) to Marie C. NN, born 00.11.1846 in Germany, emigration 1876 (statement 1900).
From the first marriage:


Albert LEMMERMANN (see also II.1).


Johann Hermann Diedrich LEMMERMANN, born on 09.11.1876 in Erichshof/Germany.


Frederick, butcher 1900, born 00.06.1877 in NY. Census 1900, but his brother Hermann was born only 7 months before! Perhaps Frederick was adopted.

II.1    Albert LEMMERMANN, laborer(1883), butcher (1889/90), foreman (1920), born 1871 in Erichshof/Bremen, died on 24.01.1927 in Kings Co., NY. Emigrated on the "Habsburg" Br-NY 31.12.1883
Brooklyn Directory 1889/90: Albert Lemmermann jr(!), butcher

, son of
Albert LEMMERMAN (see also I.1) and Anna Margaretha Elisabeth AHLERS.
Married on 05.06.1906 in Kings Co., NY to Emilie SIEWER, born 1882 in NY.
From this marriage:


Madeline, born 1914 in NY.


Emily C. Born 1915 in NY.

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